Angus T Jones out of Two and a Half Men for branding series 'filth' - but Ashton Kutcher is set to return


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Hit American sitcom Two and a Half Men has been commissioned for its 11 series. But just five months after urging viewers to turn it off and branding it "filth" the show's Half Man will no longer make regular appearances.

Former child actor Angus T Jones, who plays Jake Harper, will not be returning to the show as a series regular. CBS announced on Friday that his co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer have signed on for another one-year contract, but Jones looks set for a significantly reduced role.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the studio behind the sitcom Warner Bros. is talking to Jones about the possibility of a recurring role.

Jones, who has starred in the comedy for nine years, recently blasted the show as “filth” and “bad news”.

In a video posted online by a Christian group Jones urged people to stop watching the sitcom. He said: “Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing. He is a non-existent character. Two and a Half Men [sigh]…if you watch Two and a Half Men please stop watching. I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t want to be on it.”

He added: "Please stop watching it, please stop filling your head with filth."

The 19-year-old who earns $350,000 per episode said viewers should “research the effects of television on your brain”.

He said: “People say it’s just entertainment. The fact that it is just entertainment…It’s bad news. It’s bad news. I don’t know if it means any more coming from me, but you might not have heard it otherwise. So, watch out.”

The video was posted on The Forerunner Chronicles YouTube channel in November last year.

The actor later apologised saying he never intended to disrespect his colleagues and bosses and was grateful for the show.

In January CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler was forgiving about T Jones’ outburst. She said: “The kid's 19 years old. I've got a 24 year old. Between the ages of 19 and 24, there's been plenty of things my kid has come out and said that I wish he hadn't but the bottom line is cooler heads prevailed. [Jones has] been a beloved member of that cast for years and years and he issued a public apology.”

"At the end of the day, they want him back and he wants to come back and that's it."

Jones' online rant came nearly two years after former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen gave a similarly critical interview on live radio.

Speaking on the Alex Jones radio show Sheen labelled the show's producer Chuck Lorre a "turd".