Apprentice 2014: Robert Goodwin and Scott McCulloch sent home in double firing

The pair got the chop after losing to the girls' team

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“You’re fired!” Lord Alan Sugar got to say those famous words not once but twice tonight, as both Robert Goodwin and Scott McCulloch were eliminated from the competition.

As Team Summit lost to Team Tenacity, it was the boys who found their necks on the line. Meanwhile the girls were sent to Surrey Docks for their treat, which saw them flying 30 feet into the air on jet packs.

The boys achieved a grand total of zero orders from their three retailers, compared to the girls who managed to secure a 250 unit order from online retailer Firebox.

Following the outcome, Lord Sugar surprised the group with an on-the-spot dismissal: “I get the funny feeling we’re going to get finger pointing at one particular individual, Robert, for not taking up the project manager’s position and it would be an easy way out for everybody to be saying Robert this and Robert that. 

He said: “So I’m going to make that much easier for everyone – Robert, I don’t like people who bottle out. So Robert - you’re fired.”


Project manager Scott then returned to the boardroom, bringing with him Solomon and Daniel.

Lord Sugar announced that Scott had made a “serious error” in taking the project manager’s position.

“The minute one of your ideas was rejected you got the hump, and then you did what you normally do which is go and hide again but in a completely different way,” he said.

He also criticised Daniel for his failure to achieve sales and told Solomon he needed to “man up a little bit”.

However, Lord Sugar concluded: “I have to say Scott, you did not lead this team. There is no good just taking the job as the project manager then afterwards sulking when nobody agrees with your idea and then washing your hands of it.

“And for that reason Scott, you’re fired.”

The next episode of The Apprentice airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday 22 October.