Apprentice star Luisa Zissman aggravates grammar lovers with absent apostrophe

The entrepreneur decided against using an apostrophe for her new business logo

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Luisa Zissman reached the final of Alan Sugar's The Apprentice, impressing audiences with her professional capabilities. However, Twitter users and grammar pedants have expressed amusement and aggravation over her deliberate misuse of an apostrophe.

Demonstrating a lack of basic grammar, Zissman, 26, tweeted her followers asking: "Can you all help me out as I’m crap at grammar. Is it bakers toolkit or baker’s toolkit is an apostrophe?! X (sic)"

Zissman is currently launching her own online cupcake business, selling tools for professional and home bakers.

After fans tweeted Zissman explanations of the correct grammar usage, including queries regarding the number of bakers she was referring to, the businesswoman elected to go against all advice and opted to call her enterprise "Bakers Toolkit".

Despite grammar lovers bombarding her with scorn, Zissman defended her choice, saying she preferred the look of the word "bakers" minus the apostrophe.

Tweeting today, she said: "I always horrify my followers, normally it’s for worse than grammar".

Zissmann’s business is due to launch later this year.