Archer is the 'fastest-rising name' for a baby boy in 2014

Something, something, Danger Zone!

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Clearly hoping their sons will grow up to be lascivious international spies, an increasing number of parents are naming their baby boys Archer (or at least thinking about it), according to a new list from popular baby name site Nameberry.

Archer and Cordelia are the fastest-rising names on the list, the former presumably getting a boost from the FX cartoon of the same name, and the latter, well, is that a King Lear reference? Probably not. A Buffy The Vampire Slayer one? No, even the power of 90s nostalgia isn't that strong.

There are other obvious pop culture references besides Archer in the list though, with Khaleesi from Game of Thrones at number 18 and Elsa from Frozen and Katniss from The Hunger Games also featuring.

While the list is spreading like wildfire around social media this morning it should be taken with a huge vat of salt, as this isn't the official US baby name list which charts names as per birth certificates, but a reflection of the most-viewed names on Nameberry.

Not very scientific then, though it does at least give an indication of the more unusual choices parents are mulling over during some idle interneting as they wait for their baby to arrive.

The number one boy and girl names on the list are Asher and Imogen, while other fast-rising names include Ellie, Adeline, and Ruby for girls, and Knox, Bodhi, Soren, and Wyatt for boys.