Arrested Development season 5? Netflix gets cryptic 'watched by Tobias Funke' recommendations

Unsurprisingly, Buster's been enjoying the film 'Juice'

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Something is going on with Arrested Development over at Netflix.

Recommendations for characters from the sitcom have crept into its rows among those of Facebook friends, all perfectly summing up their tastes and personalities.

Tobias is seen having recently watched How To Be A Man followed by I Don't Want To Be A Man, and going on a homoerotic film marathon with titles like Interior. Leather Bar.

Gob meanwhile is all about magic documentaries, and Buster shows his matricidal side watching I Killed My Mother.

Buster (enlarged version)







The Easter egg could simply have been added for a bit of fun, or it could be a hint at new Arrested Development content.

A fifth season has been rumoured ever since the release of the fourth, while creator Mitch Hurwitz recently revealed he was cutting a new version of season 4 that tells the story chronologically.