Baby Shower: Charlie the beagle steals baby's toy, then repents by showering her with gifts

The clip has seen over 1.3 million Youtube users view the clip

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A video that shows a dog showering a baby with toys to repent for stealing one of her toys, has gone viral with over a million people watching it.

Charlie the Beagle has become an instant Youtube star in a video that seems to show that dogs have consciences too.

Now the number of people to have viewed the clip has passed the 1.3 million mark, having nearly doubled in the last 24 hours.

The video begins with Charlie the Beagle stealing a rattle from the giggling baby.

When the theft causes the baby to cry, Charlie quickly turns back to try and repent, but the crying baby ignores him.

Keen to win back the affections of the baby, Charlie comes up with a plan.

The video then shows Charlie shower the baby with gift after gift.

The end of the "baby shower" results in a rather comical picture of the baby completely buried under a mountain of toys and, of course, Charlie completely forgiven.