BBC presenter Carol Walker caught brushing hair on live TV - but handles it like a pro

BBC News cut to her early - but she wasn't worried

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Having dealt with breaking news, general elections, and reported from war zones, a BBC TV presenter was left unfazed when she was shown brushing her hair live on air after cameras cut to her early.

When the Business Live segment wrapped up, the BBC News channel switched to the main news room for the 9am bullet four minutes early, where political correspondent Carol Walker was brushing her hair in preparation.

Realising she was appearing live on air, Walker quickly locked her eyes onto the camera and flawlessly reads the news, in a situation which would have reduced most people to a stuttering wreck.

But as one of the BBC’s longest-serving broadcasters, having reported on Westminster since 1997 and covered the Gulf War and civil wars in Somalia and the Balkans, the incident failed to fluster Walker.

Walker said of the incident on Twitter: “it was a bit of a surprise to have to start the show four minutes early!”

Her colleague Louise Stewart was hardly surprised by Walker’s response and called her a “consummate professional”.

The broadcast was the second time this month that a BBC News broadcast didn’t go quite to plan after a BBC Sports presenter tapped on an imaginary device at the end of a bulletin.

Viewers were left confused when Chris Mitchell said goodbye to Sports Today viewers, turned to face away from the camera, and awkwardly looked as though he was tapping on an imaginary iPad in his empty hand.