BBC Radio Stoke DJ Paula White 'passes out' on air during Saturday show

The DJ had to leave the studio early during her slot due to ill health

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A BBC Radio DJ allegedly passed out live on air, six months after she was taken off her afternoon show for appearing drunk.

Paula White was conducting an interview with an exotic pets expert on BBC Radio Stoke when she is said to have passed out.

She left the studio before the end time of her Saturday morning slot due to ill health, leaving DJ Den Siegertsz to take over.

Fans of her Saturday morning show heard the 46-year-old radio presenter say the word “exotic” moments before a song was played. When it finished, there was silence.

White was reportedly unconscious in the studio before paramedics arrived, according to The Sun.

The BBC has since removed the recording of her Saturday morning show from its iPlayer service. White’s DJ slot has also been removed from the BBC Radio Stoke online schedule.

BBC Radio Stoke declined to comment on whether White had passed out on air.

In a statement, it said: “Paula White is unwell at the moment so is unable to present her Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Stoke. Den Siegertsz will be taking over for the time being.”

In May, the DJ was taken off-air after slurring and appearing to sound drunk.

The presenter, who was marking her last Friday show before moving to the Saturday slot, told listeners: “It’s a P-A-R-T-Y because I sssaid sooooo. If you want a song, let’s have a party, party, party. Last day with Paula.”

Shortly after the start of her show a listener sent in a text to say she sounded drunk. White said: “I’m not drunk. I have had a couple of drinks but I am not drunk.”