Better Call Saul: Aaron Paul hasn't been offered a role but he badly wants one

Spin-off is shooting in the same ABQ stages as Breaking Bad

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Sadly it looks as though Jesse Pinkman featuring in Better Call Saul isn't on the cards, with production already underway and Aaron Paul saying he hasn't been offered a role.

In a new interview with AMC, Paul told how jealous he was that fellow Breaking Bad cast members Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are back shooting in Albuquerque.

"I’d love to be a part of it," he said of the prequel. "I’m not sure if that’s in the cards. I’m so jealous that everyone is back in Albuquerque, back in the same stages where we shot Breaking Bad.

"It’s so strange to me that the Saul Goodman office has been rebuilt and they’re shooting on it right now. I’m so happy for everyone involved."

Bob Odenkirk films scenes for Better Call Saul

Paul was much less optimistic than when he previously said he'd had "serious talks" about the show, and presumably creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are keen to start new stories rather than expand old ones.

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Jesse Pinkman featuring in some way shape or form wasn't so unlikely however, given that it was he who first introduced Saul as his "criminal lawyer" to Walter White.

Michael McKean has joined the cast of Better Call Saul, which began shooting at an Albuquerque skate park earlier this month.