Better Call Saul: Goodman's office is now a nightclub

Facade is still frequented by Breaking Bad fans visiting Albuquerque

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It looks as though Saul Goodman won't be operating out of his sweaty Albquerque office from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul season 1, given that the building used to film exterior shots of it is now a nightclub.

A fan on one of the popular Breaking Bad tours of the city found no inflatable Statue of Liberty at the location but instead a bar called Vault.

It seems a missed opportunity that it didn't get some sort of Saul pun as a name or a chemistry-themed cocktail list, but I hope its clientele are at least the same sort of reprobates that were found in the lawyer's waiting room.

The new ownership suggests Saul's office may not feature in the prequel, bar some set/visual effects trickery or if the façade was converted back for a day to film scenes.

better call saul.JPG
AMC released the first official image from Better Call Saul filming last week

Moreover, the visitor who spotted the club said that his tour guide, who claims to have connections with the BCS crew and knows a couple of people who have read the scripts for the first two episodes, said that Saul operates out of an "arcade-like business" in season 1.

It wouldn't be a surprising choice for Saul, given how insistent he was that Walt use a laser tag/arcade as a front in Breaking Bad season 4.

Better Call Saul is expected on AMC and Netflix in the first quarter of 2015.

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