Better Call Saul: Huell Babineaux actor Lavell Crawford on why you might not have recognised him in season 3 return

He said people didn't even recognise him on set

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If Better Call Saul's latest Breaking Bad character return moment wasn't so much an "It's Huell!" as a "Wait...Is that...Huell?" for you, don't worry, you're not losing it, he did look quite different.

"When they finally called me to let me know they were bringing me in, what was strange was that I had a lifestyle change [in real life]," Huell Babineaux actor Lavell Crawford explained.

"I lost 130 pounds, so I look totally different, which was great for the prequel for him to be in decent shape because you wouldn’t hire a bodyguard if he can’t do nothing. 

"When they saw me, they were like, “Man, I think you lost too much weight!” They had already filmed my parts but they had a few more pieces to get, so they were trying to put a fat suit on me. That’s so hilarious."


Huell ​was drafted in by Jimmy in episode 5, 'Chicanery', to plant a cell phone battery on Chuck's person.

Crawford's change in appearance actually helped keep his return a surprise.

"I think my weight loss helped me be secure because people didn’t know who I was," he said.

Huell is one of several Breaking Bad characters Better Call Saul has brought back this season, potentially including Hank Schrader