Big Brother 2015 new housemates: Simon Gross returns as stripper Marc O'Neill, model Harry Amelia Martin and X Factor reject Sam Kay join

It's surprise twist time as four housemates leave and a 'familiar face' returns

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A scientist-stripper, X Factor reject and dominatrix model have joined the Big Brother house along with the first contestant to have been evicted.

Channel 5 announced earlier this week that a twist was expected tonight and fans were not disappointed - four housemates who thought themselves safe were evicted and replaced with four new people.

Producers had teased a "familiar face" among the fresh intake but rather than the past Big Brother housemate we were hoping for (some bets were on 2006's Nikki 'Who is she?' Grahame), the eccentric Simon Gross returned after his eviction just two hours into the current series.

AN70104513Simon Gross is ev.jpg
Simon Gross leaves the Big Brother house

Gross was left feeling "gutted and cheated" after he was booted out in Big Brother: Timebomb's first surprise. Now the 46-year-old theatre company owner will have his moment in the spotlight after all.


But what of the three newbies? Here's what we know about them:

Harry Amelia Martin is a 22-year-old Loughborough model who used to be a dominatrix and has brought her PVC outfits into the house.

"Drama follows me everywhere because my gob runs away with me," she said. "I am very honest and I don't mince my words. I've got an opinion on everything. It doesn't mean it's the right one but I'm going to say it anyway."

PVC-loving model Harry Amelia Martin from Loughborough

Sam Kay is a 27-year-old personal trainer from Cardiff who once auditioned for The X Factor and was described "like Marmite" by judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

"This is basically what I have been leading up to my whole life," she said. "I have done so many random things all over this wonderful world and this is my moment to just have a laugh and make everyone else laugh with me."

Sam Kay was once described as 'like Marmite' on The X Factor

Marc O'Neill is a 29-year-old student and stripper from Kildare in Ireland. He has three very different personas: "Marc with a C is the scientist, Mark with a K is the stripper and Marq with a Q is an absolute lunatic."

Marc already knows housemate Jade Lynch and has "built up a tolerance to hate her already".

Marc O'Neill could well be getting his kit off in the Big Brother house

Contestant Aaron Frew saw his Big Brother journey come to an abrupt end yesterday when he was removed from the show for "inappropriate behaviour" after flashing his housemates.