Big Brother draws 1,100 Ofcom complaints after Helen Wood compares Brian Belo to a 'rapist and murderer'

Wood was later given a formal warning for her behaviour

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Ofcom has received more than 1,000 complaints after Big Brother contestant Helen Wood compared fellow housemate Brian Belo to a rapist and murderer.

The Wednesday night broadcast saw former Big Brother winners Wood and Belo become embroiled in an argument, with Wood telling Belo: “Brian you look like a rapist, you look like a murderer-slash-rapist.”

Various contestants told Wood she was “out of order”, but she went on to tell Belo “you have issues”. She added: “The men in the white coats are waiting for you, Brian”.

Belo later quit the show by climbing over the garden wall after telling Big Brother in the diary room: “I shouldn’t have come back here. This is really hard. I feel like I’m living in hell. I’m defeated. I’m getting a barrage of abuse.”

Belo left the show by climbing over the walls of the Big Brother house

Wood and another contestant were given a formal warning following the row.

The 27-year-old later admitted she called Belo a rapist “to get a reaction”, and was glad he had left the house because he made her “skin crawl”.

Ofcom said they would assess complaints from the show on Wednesday 25 June before deciding whether they would investigate.


Wood, who won Big Brother 2014, attracted 3,784 complaints in relation to her behaviour on the show last year, which she went on to win despite allegations of bullying.

In a statement, a spokesman for Channel 5 said: “Big Brother takes rule breaking very seriously.

”Helen and Marc (O'Neill) were both warned regarding their behaviour and as with all housemates they continue to be closely monitored at all times.“