Big Brother Timebomb 2015 contestants revealed: Ukip supporter, vicar's daughter, twins and X Factor wannabe enter the house

So who's in the house?

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In an unprecedented move by Channel 5 the 16 people set to enter the Big Brother house this week have been revealed ahead of time.

Although the contestants in the reality TV show who will be filmed around-the-clock are all unknowns you might recognise a former X Factor contestant, Eileen Daly, 51, from London, and model Aaron Frew, 24, from Northampton.

Rylan Clark and Emma Willis remain as presenters on the show, now called Big Brother: Timebomb, which is in its 17 series.

Channel 5 announced last might it has signed up for at least another three years of the show.

The station said it would continue to show one series of Big Brother every year along with two series of the celebrity spin-off version.

The show, originally broadcast in the UK on Channel 4, has been a huge success for Channel 5 and guarantees them big audiences as well as a steady stream of controversy.

The main Big Brother series was the most-complained-about show of last year, with Ofcom receiving 3,784 complaints, many centred on the behaviour of its eventual winner Helen Wood, who was accused of bullying other contestants.

The previous series of Celebrity Big Brother was second, with 1,874 people contacting the watchdog.

This year’s Big Brother house is said to have been inspired by 1960s glamour of TV drama Mad Men and will include a round sofa and giant fish tank.

AN69888015Undated Channel 5.jpg
Cristian MJC, a 20-year-old London rapper and singer who also goes by the name Matthew Clarkson

AN69888017Undated Channel 5.jpg
Jack McDermott, 23, a Plymouth Argyle fan and floor manager at a fast food outlet.

AN69888033Undated Channel 5.jpg
Joel Williams, 19, the youngest councillor in Wales and dubbed a "wannabe prime minister" by the programme-makers.

AN69888036Undated Channel 5.jpg
Model Aaron Frew, 24, from Northampton

AN69888053Undated Channel 5.jpg
Chloe Wilburn, a 25-year-old office administrator from Doncaster.

AN69888079Undated Channel 5.jpg
Adjoa Mensah, a 22-year-old law student from Manchester whose first language is Dutch.

AN69888081Undated Channel 5.jpg
Eileen Daly, 51, from London who was previously a contestant on the X Factor.

AN69888125Undated Channel 5.jpg
Jade-Martina Lynch, a polyamorous 24-year-old model from Dublin.

AN69888130Undated Channel 5.jpg
Nick Henderson, an unemployed 19-year-old from Hertford.

AN69888138Undated Channel 5.jpg
Kieran McLeod, 30, an ex-professional basketball player and radio host from Birmingham.

AN69888141Undated Channel 5.jpg
Harriet Jackson, a 22-year-old Ukip voter and cafe worker from London.

AN69888153Undated Channel 5.jpg
Danny Wisker, 29, a demolition man from Margate who is friends with Ricci from fellow reality series Geordie Shore.

AN69888162Undated Channel 5.jpg
Simon Gross, a 46-year-old theatre company owner.

AN69888176Undated Channel 5.jpg
Sarah Greenwood, 24, a law student from Manchester.

AN69888003Undated Channel 5.jpg
Twins Amy and Sally Broadbent, both 27, from Manchester. Amy is a nightclub hostess who claims to have dated a famous footballer and Sally is a personal trainer who says she spends £500 a month on beauty treatments.

Big Brother: Timebomb will begin live on Tuesday, May 12 at 9pm on Channel 5.