Seth Rogen pretends to be dead on the streets of New York to see if anyone would care

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Billy Eichner has been heroic in his affectionate defaming of celebrities in Billy on the Street, asking people to have sex with Paul Rudd for a dollar and getting Julianne Moore to cry for passers-by.

In his latest segment for season 4 of the TruTV show, he plays a game of ‘Death Rogen’, which sees Billy inform New Yorkers that Seth Rogen has died while Seth, disguised as a cameraman, listens a from a few feet away.

Dispiritingly for Rogen, most seem to not even know who the actor-writer-director is, and those who do offer only perfunctory condolences.

One gay couple however are actually shocked, professing to be “in love” with Seth and declaring him an icon in the bear community. When Rogen reveals his true identity, the three hug it out.

Eichner seems to have little problem finding big names to make a fool of themselves on his show, the comedian having recently posted a video entitled: ‘Would you have a threesome with Billy and Jon Hamm?’