Britain gets a daily dose of the Daily Show (again)


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When Boris Johnson appeared on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart during a recent visit to the US, he asked its host: "Why can't we watch your show in England?" It's a question that has tormented UK fans of Stewart's show since 2010, when More4 dropped it. But from this evening, Brits will again be able to see Stewart at work, without recourse to illegal downloads or the few US sites that don't block access.

Comedy Central Extra will screen the programme nightly from Tuesday to Friday at 10.30pm, around 24 hours after its US broadcast. On Mondays it will show the "Global Edition".

With a presidential election looming, UK audiences are more fascinated by US politics than usual and Stewart provides an antidote to the mainstream coverage. Yet as the contest between Obama and his opponents in the Democrat and Republican parties degenerated into domestic partisanship, UK viewers switched off.

The Daily Show had an average UK audience share of just 0.38 per cent before it stopped broadcasting in 2010. With the President squaring up to Mitt Romney this November, will it get your vote again?