Britain's Got Talent 2015: Jamie Raven divides Twitter as fans expose mind-boggling magic trick

Jamie conjured up a shoe and helicopter from thin air but viewers are dubious

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Jamie Raven magicked himself into the final of Britain's Got Talent after winning the public vote in last night's semi, but not everyone has been left impressed with his wizardry.

The magician asked 52 members of the live audience to think of an object and write the word down on a piece of paper. He then asked Alesha Dixon to shout 'stop' as he shuffled the pack of answers, before giving each judge a word.

Jamie proceeded to conjure up the objects from nothing - a goldfish for David Walliams, an ice cube for Alesha, a shoe for Simon Cowell and a helicopter for Amanda Holden (yes, really).

However, some viewers began pointing out flaws in Jamie's trick, noting that he had taken off his shoe before Simon had said the word so must have known what it was beforehand. The most beady-eyed Twitter users took screenshots of Jamie slipping off his shoe while working on Alesha's ice. The cameraman and your TV's rewind button have a lot to answer for. So does the person in the audience who wrote 'helicopter' but failed to make themselves known when asked by Simon.

Nevertheless, the judges and many other viewers were left open mouthed at Jamie's performance, with Alesha saying she was "absolutely gobsmacked".

In his first audition, Jamie turned four £50 notes into 'Bank of Britain's Got Talent' notes complete with the judges faces drawn onto them. The trick got even more mind-boggling before Simon declared that he "actually believes in magic" - quite a feat.



Jamie will compete for a £250,000 cash prize and a slot on the line-up of the Royal Variety Performance during Sunday night's nail-biting climax.

Catch all the action live on ITV from 7.30-10pm.