Broadchurch producer urges viewers to watch to 'the very, very end' of final episode

As few as 29 people are thought to know whodunnit ahead of tonight's finale

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Broadchurch producer Richard Stokes has hinted that the very last insight into Danny Latimer’s death will be revealed right at the end of the final episode, possibly after the credits.

Stokes tweeted this morning: “#Broadchurch tonight- don’t miss the beginning and please watch to the very, very end. Thanks for joining us on the ride.”

Danny Latimer’s killer has been kept a closely guarded secret throughout the ITV series, with even the Broadchurch actors kept in the dark.

Writer Chris Chibnall said: “We made a decision early on: we wouldn’t tell the actor(s) or actress(es) playing the person(s) responsible for Danny Latimer’s death that they were the killer(s).

"It added a level of intrigue to the production: The cast and crew started their own sweepstake, the make-up truck kept a rouges’ gallery of photofit pictures on their walls.”

It is estimated that as few as 29 people- the cast and crew of the final episode- know who Danny Latimer’s murderer is.

Chibnall refused to give any hints away, tweeting yesterday: “One more sleep. Answers are coming. #Broadchurch #Closure #Nightnight”

The eight-part drama has been a success for ITV, attracting an average 7million viewers each episode.

Ellie Miller’s husband Joe remains the prime suspect among viewers on Twitter, and according to our poll. The Ladbrokes odds on Joe Miller are at 4/6 with Tom Miller second at 3/1 and Rev Paul Coates third on 6/1.

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