#Broadchurch: Your 140 character reviews of episode two


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#Broadchurch was trending last night as David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Will Mellor and Arthur Darvill took to our screens for the second instalment of the eight-part murder mystery.

Irritation broke out about not knowing who the perpetrator was, and having to wait another six weeks to find out.

Popular speculation included the Dad being in a secretive relationship with the vicar and the Dad having an affair in the hut where his fingerprints were found. But on the whole people thought the Mark Latimer was too obvious a suspect.

Ant and Dec were to blame for hundreds of tweets in reply to their message that they were loving the show, and even some of you admitted ITV was getting better thanks to the drama.

A number of women were also taken by the way Tennant pronounced “murder” in a Scottish accent.