Budweiser Super Bowl 2014 ad: Horse and puppy are 'best buds' (yes, they went there) in heart-warming commercial

Beer ad aimed squarely at your cute receptors

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It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without a well-trained puppy shilling for beer in between crunching tackles, so here we present you Budweiser's gambit which focuses on one of its Clydesdale horses' friendship with a farm dog.

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The Budweiser horses have previously spoofed the Rocky montage and joined the circus in TV adverts, but have been given a more heartwarming/saccharine story (depending on your outlook) for the Super Bowl, befriending a pup who keeps escaping from a nearby farm to hangout in their stable.

The dog is repeatedly rounded up and taken home by its owner but as the ad reaches its climax, music swelling, the horses blockade the car the puppy is travelling in so they can be reunited.

What does this have to do with beer? Absolutely nothing, apart from a #bestbuds hashtag, but this is the Super Bowl so heartrstrings must be tugged, damnit!

The advert has already attracted over 12 million views on YouTube, despite having yet to air on television.

Produced by creative agency Anomaly, the ad joins a host of others set to go out during Sunday night's clash between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks from brands like Doritos, Audio, Cheerios, Jaguar and more.