Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Wee problem for Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby who wets the bed on television


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If you thought that in over a decade of Big Brother and its, er glitzy counterpart Celebrity Big Brother everything that could possibly shock (bullying, sex, screechy voices, utter mind-numbing inanity) had been done several times over, think again. One housemate woke up after a boozy night to find that she’d had a little accident.

Charlotte Crosby, subject of that fine MTV documentary series about the inhabitants of Newcastle upon Tyne, Geordie Shore, woke up yesterday to declaim: “I’ve weed the bed!”

“I’ve weed myself in the bed. I’m having a disaster.”

The 23-year-old turned for support to sage fellow housemate, Courtney Stodden - famous(ish) for marrying 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson when she was just sixteen – and inquired if Stodden would like to inspect her sodden sheets.

Having lifted the covers to reveal a massive wet stain on her bedclothes Crosby then grabbed at her pyjamas and moaned: “I’m so damp. And I still need a wee now, how much wee is there in there?”

A visibly appalled Stodden exclaimed: “Oh my gosh! You got drunk last night obviously.” Giving Crosby ample opportunity to blame fellow reality star Mario Falcone, of The Only Way Is Essex, for plying her with booze. “It’s Mario’s fault,” she said.

And thus a chapter in Celebrity Big Brother history was written. Let's hope the rest of the series doesn't prove quite such a damp squib.