Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz calls Liz Jones 'insensitive' after suicide remark

Jones offended Waltz when she said her beauty made her want to 'kill herself'

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US model and actress Jasmine Waltz has clashed with columnist Liz Jones over the use of ‘suicide’ language in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Waltz accused the controversial Daily Mail journalist of being “ f***king insensitive” when she claimed that her physical attractiveness made her suicidal.

During last night’s show, the contestants were asked to take part in face-to-face nominations to determine who would face the public vote and risk eviction. Everyone apart from Linda Nolan and Lionel Blair nominated Jones.

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The former Marie Claire editor selected Waltz, stating her reasons: “I look at her and I literally want to kill myself because she’s just so beautiful. It’s not good for me to be around her with all my self-esteem issues.”

But Waltz took exception to her housemate’s comments, asking her to reword them. “You know, my father committed suicide, so maybe you can use a different choice of words,” she said.

"I was born this way. It's like saying I have black skin and you hate looking at me. Or I have dark hair. It's almost like racism as I was born this way. I can't control the way I look."

Jones replied that she “really really (meant)” it, angering Waltz, but later realised her mistake while talking to singer Nolan and apologised for her language.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea. I don't even know why I said it. I just wanted to say something that was nice about you," she explained. "That you're so beautiful. I just wanted to say something nice about you and horrible about me. It backfired."

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their support for Jones, with many asking how she was supposed to know about Waltz’s father. “It was a compliment, don’t twist words to make people feel sorry for you,” wrote Larissa Pugh.

Both Jones and Waltz will face eviction on Wednesday night, along with runner-up of The Apprentice, Luisa Zissman, and comedian Jim Davidson.