Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Who are the contestants? When does it start? Everything you need to know

How many of the contestants do you recognise?

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Another year, another series of Celebrity Big Brother, and this year Channel 5 have really scrapped the bottom of the barrel to find anyone willing to go on the show.

Over half of this year’s contestants became famous through reality TV shows of some kind, while others include an ex-Mr Ireland, an ex-UKIP candidate, David Bowie’s ex-wife and a host of ex-Eastenders stars. Flick through all the contestants in the above gallery.

So, on which channel and what time will the series start? And who will be presenting? We have all the information you need right here.

Over half of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants are from reality TV shows...

Which TV channel will it be on? And when will it start?

Celebrity Big Brother will be available to watch on Channel 5. It starts on 5 January at 9pm, and will likely air every day after at the same time.

Spin-off show Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side will then begin at 10pm each night.

Who will be presenting the show?

Emma Willis: "I remember in the beginning, oh, goodness, I was just terrible at presenting"

Emma Willis is returning to present the show once more, with former X Factor contestant and Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clarke joining her.

What’s the theme of this year’s house?

“The famous house has undergone a major costume change, and housemates will be transported to a striking and theatrical setting which echoes the vaudeville theatres of a bygone era,” Channel 5 said in a statement.

"As they take their cue to enter the House, the celebrities will descend down a majestic staircase, leading to glamorous rooms made up of rich opulent textures and packed with intriguing curiosities.

"Big Brother may have set the scene of a decadent, antiquated world, but behind the performance there are hints at a grittier undertone… what lurks in the shadows?

"The housemates will discover that there will be unwelcome surprises in store. The BB garden has been transformed into a Whitechapel style foggy street scene with a Victorian pub snug which will provide a hidden corner for sharing secrets and backstage backstabbing."

Sounds like fun… In case you were wondering, former Apprentice star James Hill won last year’s competition, beating Austin Armacost.