Channel 4 News apologises for airing Good Morning, Vietnam clip in which Robin Williams sings, 'Why don't they get a rope and hang me?'

The scene was broadcast during a news bulletin about the actor's suicide

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Channel 4 News has apologised after a mistimed clip from Good Morning, Vietnam was aired during a bulletin on Robin Williams’ suicide.

The Tuesday evening broadcast showed viewers a scene from the 1987 comedy, in which Williams’ extroverted radio DJ sings, “Why don’t they get a rope and hang me?”

The Hollywood actor was found hanged on Monday aged 63, a coroner confirmed.

Later editions of Channel 4 News were edited, while a spokesperson commented on Twitter:

“We’d like to apologise for including what was an inappropriate line from Good Morning, Vietnam in our play-out from tonight’s programme.

“There was no offence intended in what was meant to be a heartfelt tribute to Robin Williams.”

But people had noticed the bad taste tribute and took to social media in their masses.

Tributes from around the world have flooded in following news of Williams’ death. High-profile figures, including Barack Obama and many of the actor’s co-stars from his decades long career, have all expressed their sadness and regret.