Channel 4 now has 12 property shows, and is threatening more

"This might look like a lot of new shows, it is a small amount in comparison to the number of projects we have on the go"

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Welcome to the dystopia; where your television set beams 24 hours of property TV shows a day into your red, sleepless eyes; and your own father has been replaced with Kevin McCloud. 

Broadcast Now reports Channel 4 has 12 property shows currently in the works, so that Brits everywhere can be perpetually reminded that the housing crisis is alive and well. As these beautiful homes dance flirtatiously before your eyes, take pause to flip channels to the news and be reminded it's all now an idle fantasy, and that we live in a world where the average house price is set to hit £300,000 this year.

Yes, we now live in a world where watching someone shop for a house is just wish-fulfilment television in the same strain as the glamours of Downton Abbey or Sex in the City. We live now not through superheroes and jet-setters but through Kevin McCloud, as he returns to screens for Grand Designs spin-offs My Grand Design and Grand Designs: House of the Year.

Gaze in awe as Dorset residents build their own dream cliff retreats in Britain's Best Beach Huts, or perhaps escapism can be sought in Homes By the Sea and its spin-off Homes By the Sea - Around the Med; all while you ponder on how soon it will be before those beloved abodes are swallowed whole by rising ocean levels and the sinister advance of global warming. 

Or, you can briefly allow yourself to be fooled into believing somehow everything will be OK with such offerings as How to be Mortgage Free: Design Your Way Out of Debt and £1 For a House, the latter simply featuring families being offered a house for £1. Thrilling. 

Amazing Spaces returns for a sixth series, as does solid favourite Location Location Location; that's alongside new shows George Clarke's House Rules, Grow Your Own Castle, Inside Out Homes, and Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages

And the best part of this news? Channel 4 has only just gotten started.

"We are the go-to channel for property and while this might look like a lot of new shows, it is a small amount in comparison to the number of projects we have on the go at any one time," said Head of Features Gill Wilson. 

This is the future. And the future is entirely TV shows about people buying houses.