Child of Our Time returns to TV to explore the challenges of growing up

The series returns for the first time in three years as the children turn 13

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It’s been three years since Child of Our Time caught up with the Millennium babies the series has followed since their birth. But tonight Robert Winston is back to present the programme. 

The tenth series returns to find the 25 children grappling with the onset of adolescence as they move from the safety net of junior school to the daunting prospect of secondary school.

Are cheeky Scottish twins Ivo and Alex now rebellious tweens? And how will sensitive, prematurely born Helena- the only survivor of triplets- deal with the move to secondary school?

In tonight’s episode the children and their parents talk frankly to camera about the emotional and physical challenges of growing up.

Alastair, father of identical twins Ivo and Alex, says: “These are the golden moments right now and then there’s a sadness because childhood is about the loss of those moments because things are changing so much.”

Helena’s father talks about the challenges of raising a teenage girl: “Like any growing up young girl, every single young girl has a massive flaming problem. It’s there, you know-  she’s growing up and she’s got to move on into life. And those are very difficult, brave decisions on how you guide a young person through that.”

The episode also features Parys, son of artist and Thalidomide baby Alison Lapper, who reflects on having a famous mother and how he has been affected by having various different carers. Alison says: “Our relationship is changing but it’s me that mourns that. Parys doesn’t at all."

Tonight Child of Our Time also revisits Het from Wembley who has big ambitions for her future, forthright Yorkshire girl Rihanna, technology loving Taliesin, farm girl Megan, Matthew from Surrey whose family is preparing for a great change, and sports mad William from Settle.

Child of Our Time is broadcast tonight on BBC1 at 9pm. Series 10 concludes tomorrow at the same time.