Chris Moyles hosts comeback Radio X show: Dismisses 'male-focussed' agenda and plays Love Machine by Girls Aloud

'This male-focused thing does not affect us in any way, shape or form - Everybody is certainly welcome to this show'

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After three years away from the mic, Chris Moyles has returned to the airwaves, hosting his new breakfast show on Radio X - previously XFM.

As he launched into his new show he immediately took to poking fun at the station who had previously said it would be the “first truly male-focussed” radio station.

"I have specifically chosen a very, very apt record to start the first show, and indeed the entire Radio X with,” he said before playing his first track, the aptly chosen “Love Machine” by Girls Aloud.

He went on to talk about the accusations, saying: "If you've read about Radio X being a radio station being for men only, that is rubbish. Nobody agrees with this except for the one person who put it in the press release."

Moyles only played his first song almost half an hour into the show, opening with a prolonged chat with newsreader Dominic Byrne, ex-Radio 1 producer Pippa Taylor, and XFM regular Dave Masterman.

“Hello again Great Britain. Right, this is a bit weird isn't it... Welcome to a brand new radio station,” he opened with.

"I've been waiting for three years for this place, sitting on my backside doing nothing, watching Judge Rinder, or whatever it's called, and now I'm back on the radio. That's right, the money finally ran out.”

”And what better place for my comeback than a brand new radio station that I can play with and do whatever I want. Which isn't entirely true.”


He went to address the branding of the station as “male focussed” in a lengthy monologue: "There's been a lot of press about Radio X and a lot of confused press, people going down a route which they needn't have to go down.

"There was a quote saying that Radio X is going to be the UK's first male-focused radio station and many people took that to mean it's a radio station just for blokes, by ruddy blokes playing ruddy bloke music for more ruddy blokes.

"I'll tell you now, this is news to me and everyone on this show... so let me be the first of many Radio X DJs to say this over the next days. That's a load of balls.

"This male-focused thing does not affect us in any way, shape or form - Everybody is certainly welcome to this show.”

Byrne also commented, saying: "We don't see gender, we see listeners.”

Moyles left BBC Radio 1 after working for the station for eight years. His new show will be in direct competition with his old breakfast slot, which was filled by Nick Grimshaw.

Grimshaw’s come under fire for losing millions of listeners over his stint on Radio 1. The most recent numbers release, however, concluded that things were o the up for him.