Coronation Street: Deirdre Barlow farewell scenes to air in July as reports of 'ghost' comeback prove unfounded

Deirdre will not be 'haunting' the Rover's Return despite doors blowing open

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Deirdre Barlow will be given a proper Coronation Street farewell this summer, but reports of her comeback as a 'ghost' have been proved unfounded.

Anne Kirkbride's popular character has been written out of the long-running soap after the actress sadly died of cancer aged 60 in January. Kirkbride had been playing Deirdre for 42 years after joining Corrie in 1972 and many of her co-stars were left devastated by her death.

ITV has confirmed that Deirdre's departure will be addressed in scenes airing in July, with specific dates yet to be announced.

The Barlows will be seen preparing to welcome Deirdre home from her stay with longtime friend Bev when her husband Ken (played by Bill Roache) is told that she has died of a suspected brain aneurysm.

Anne Kirkbride and Bill Roache as Deirdre and Ken Barlow in Corrie

Newlywed couple Steve and Michelle McDonald will be discussing Deirdre and sharing their memories of her in the Rover's Return pub, when the wind outside suddenly blows the doors open, making Michelle jump and prompting Steve to go and shut them.

Reports have been circulating that this "really spooky moment" will herald the return of Deirdre as a ghost, but an ITV spokesperson told The Independent that the the scene in question is "coincidental" and there will be no "haunting" of the pub.

The spokesperson was unable to confirm whether or not a wind machine had been used to achieve the effect but insisted that the upcoming storyline had been sensationalised.

Kirkbride's husband David Beckett has reportedly approved the emotional scenes and there will be a public memorial service for her on Saturday 30 May at Manchester Cathedral.