David Attenborough 'often cries over fate of animals'


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For those who have found themselves weeping over the plight of animals in Sir David Attenborough’s feted documentaries, some solace came today.

Sir David admitted that he too often cried over the fate of animals in his programmes, but said he never allowed himself to be filmed getting upset as that would be “making an exhibition” of himself.

Sir David told Radio 5 Live: “Of course I’ve been deeply moved and upset. How can you not be?” But he added that it was not appropriate for presenters to show emotion as “that’s not what it’s all about”.

The 86-year-old said: “You can’t watch a young gazelle being attacked by a cheetah, say, and eaten alive without being deeply moved. Because you’re human; we feel protective.

“The problem is if you do anything you’ll almost certainly make it worse.”