David Brent gigs sold out as Ricky Gervais slams 'f***ing disgusting' ticket touts

Fans of TV's most cringe-inducing manager have been left disappointed after his tour sold out almost immediately  

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Tickets for two David Brent gigs have sold out in less than a minute, as Ricky Gervais took to Twitter to slam the "f***ing disgusting" touts selling them on to others for thousands of pounds.

Fans of the comedian were left disappointed when they were unable to get their hands on tickets to see him perform live with Foregone Conclusion, Brent's fictional band in TV programme The Office

His angry comment came after a Twitter follower told Gervais a tout had tried to charge her £3549.95 for three tickets to one of the gigs at London's Bloomsbury Theatre. He replied: "f***ing disgusting. Please no one buy them".

After telling Twitter users they could purchase tickets at 10am today, he was left apologising to empty-handed fans just half an hour later. He tweeted: "OK, so apparently, the Brent tickets sold out in under a minute. How is that even possible? Sorry."

However, he began began cracking jokes soon after, and when one person told Gervais he had tried to buy tickets at 10.02am, he responded: "But I told you 10am".

He also hinted at the possibility of adding more dates in the future when he told a follower who asked if more gigs would be added: "Let's see how these gigs go".

Gervais is expected to perform popular songs from the award-winning sitcom, such as "Free Love Freeway" and "Spaceman Came Down".