David Letterman's late night love for drums will never be forgotten

"Good gig, great drums"

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As well as earning the title as the longest-serving late night chat show host on American TV, David Letterman will be remembered for his love of the drums.

Rather than strolling over to speak to the lead singer of the many bands he’s featured on his show, Letterman has almost always spoken to the drummer first in praise of their kit.

To the surprise of other members of the band, Letterman has made a beeline for drummers from the likes of The Stokes, Beach House, Guided By Voices, St Vincent and Arctic Monkeys to ask them about their drums.

But it’s not just the drums that have got him going. He’s also asked about other percussion instruments Paul Shaffer could use, complimented Dave Grohl’s guitar and singled out musicians’ French horn and trombone.

David Letterman will retire from his Late Show on Wednesday 20 May on CBS following 31 years as a late night chat show host.

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