Derren Brown 'cures' woman's blindness during Channel 4 show Miracle, Twitter reacts accordingly

'It’s happening now, the optic nerve is being repaired on both sides'

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Derren Brown’s latest show, Miracle, a satirical take on predominantly American faith healers, has left audience members stunned.

One notable moment on the show - which aired on Channel 4 - came when the illusionist placed his hands upon a 45-year-old woman’s head and promised to restore her eyesight. 

Removing Danielle’s glasses, Brown asked whether she believed in God, to which she said “yes” while admitting she had never seen any ‘real proof’ her Lord exists. 

“Well, I’m going to give you proof now,” Brown said, putting his hands on her head and saying “Lord heal Danielle’s eyes.” He then explained to the audience: “It’s happening now, the optic nerve is being repaired on both sides but there’s more damage on the left than the right.”

After asking the “devil of blindness” to leave her body, Danielle opened her eyes, looked at a magazine, and said “f**k me sideways” as her blindness was seemingly cured. 

One audience member was not as impressed, so Brown temporarily took away their 20:20 vision, impairing their sight, leaving them unable to read and turning them into a believer. 

Thankfully, while Tweeters were impressed, the satirical element of the production was not lost, one person writing: “Miracle was an absolutely wonderful commentary on how people blindly follow religion and the media. Loved it so much wow.”

One noted: “Derren Brown isn't performing 'miracles.' He's exposing them.” Another added: “People completely missing the point of the Derren Brown show. He's taking the piss out of faith healers! He doesn't think he is actually one.”

Brown recently spoke to The Independent about his Thorpe Park ride Ghost Train, talking about reality, creative freedom, and our love affair with fear.