Doctor Who: 50th anniversary celebrated by a Google Doodle

The search engine is celebrating the longest-running Science Fiction television show in the world

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Google is celebrating the 50th anniversary of British Science Fiction television Doctor Who with a special doodle devoted to the programme.

The doodle features all 11 versions of the Doctor and a game in which users can choose which Time Lord they want to be. It is then a race against the clock to make it across the room and outwit a Dalek to get to safety.

The 50th anniversary will be taking place tomorrow and there are a whole host of events taking place, as well as a special episode called The Day of the Doctor which will air tomorrow. Doctor Who first aired back in 1963 with an adventure that saw the Time Lord and companions sent back in time to the stone age and captured by cave men.

The first incarnation of the Time Lord was played by William Hartnell who passed on the baton to Patrick Troughton after the Doctor regenerated. This process of regeneration helped to ensure that the programme could keep going and win over generation after generation of fans.

The series is the longest-running show in the world, even beating Star Trek in its longevity.