Doctor Who, his enemies and his incarnations

We have created an infogaphic that looks back over the previous incarnations of the Doctor

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After an eight month-long wait, tonight sees Peter Capaldi making his eagerly anticipated debut as the twelfth Time Lord in the new series of Doctor Who.

To mark series eight (or 34 - depending on who’s counting) of the long-running sci-fi series, we have put together an interactive infographic that takes a look back over the previous incarnations of the Doctor.

From William Hartnell to Matt Smith and everyone in between, take a trip through time and space and re-live the Doctor’s adventures over the past 50 years.

Find out which monsters and villains the Doctor has faced the most through the ages and how many times he has defeated them. Is it the Daleks or the Cybermen? How many encounters has he had with the Weeping Angels? 

And see how much screen time each one of the Doctors has enjoyed. Who has spent the longest fighting off deadly foes and protecting the universe for us?


Click on the interactive infographic above