Doctor Who series 8: Fan sign pops up on London Underground ahead of first episode

The 'service announcement' at Tufnell Park reminds viewers of the air date

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As fans count down the days until Doctor Who returns, one eager sci-fi lover has shared their passion on a London Underground sign.

Peter Capaldi will star as the twelfth Time Lord in “Deep Breath” on Saturday 23 August, which debuted in Cardiff today.

But for those of us forced to wait longer, the anonymous Transport for London employee who created this special board at Tufnell Park tube station has made the suspense more enjoyable.

The sign, which notes the series eight air date at the top, was soon spotted by social media user Talia Kraines (@trixie).

Creator Steven Moffat is the man behind the words, which he spoke when discussing the long-running show at the 50th anniversary Doctor Who celebrations last year.

Tufnell Park has showcased Doctor Who-themed service information signs in the past – once in November and again in January.

The November message read “Happy 50th birthday for tomorrow Doctor”, while the January announcement came in the form of a poem from series three episode “Family of Blood” starring David Tenant in the lead.

The hit BBC drama released its first full-length trailer in July, featuring a dinosaur outside the Houses of Parliament, Daleks and Cybermen.

“I'm the Doctor. I have lived for over 2,000 years. I have made many mistakes. It's about time that I did something about that," says Capaldi.

Clara, played by Jenna Coleman, then asks: “Where are we going?” to which the Doctor replies: “Into darkness.”