Doctor Who series 8 finale: New pictures released from Death in Heaven

Sanjeev Bhaskar makes his first appearance in the season finale

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New pictures have been released giving a glimpse of what is to come in the Doctor Who season finale this weekend.

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The teaser images for “Death in Heaven” show the Doctor, Clara and an irate Missy standing in a graveyard surrounded by the Cybermen, who are back to “range across the universe”.

In other pictures, Missy, who was revealed as the first female incarnation of the Doctor last episode, can be seen screaming with frustration at the Time Lord.

Meanwhile, Clara Oswald and Danny Pink are nowhere to be seen in the majority of the teaser photos.


Sanjeev Bhaskar makes his first appearance in the finale, who appears to play a character who is a high-ranking member of the military.

The Goodness Gracious Me star marks the final special guest appearance this series, which has included an impressive line-up from Frank Skinner to singer Foxes. 

UNIT double act Kate Stewart and Osgood also make a return after appearing in the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor last year. 

The series eight finale of Doctor Who will air on BBC One on Saturday 8 November at 8pm.

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