Donald Trump presidency to be focus of weekly satire series from This Is Spinal Tap writer

It was only a matter of time

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It was only a matter of time until Donald Trump's presidency became the target of satirists. Wasting no time is The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live veteran Harry Shearer who will star in a brand new weekly series, titled Too Soon?, centered on the Republican's election.

In a bizarre twist, the series will be shot using performance capture, making the whole thing feel like a video game set in the White House (which we’re sure many people wish it just was).

“I wanted to do this to start what I think is a future, if not the future, of topical sketch comedy,” Variety reports the This Is Spinal Tap co-writer as saying. 


The scene released on vimeo features Obama showing Trump around the Oval office 

“With Donald Trump now set to be President, this could be comedy gold for the next four years.”

Shearer has previous with politically-eschewed humour following his work on Nixon's the One, a 2013 sitcom inspired by the Nixon tapes; while that one aired in the US on YouTube network My Damn Channel, Too Soon? is being developed for television.

A preview for the new series was released earlier this month showing what may have happened behind closed doors when Barack Obama and Trump – here both voiced by Shearer – met following the latter’s election victory.

For the series, Shearer is collaborating with John MacInnes and Remington Scott, who first worked together on video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

It is unknown when Too Soon? will begin – or, of course, how President Trump will respond. Keep your eyes on his all-too-active Twitter account.