Donald Trump slams Saturday Night Live as 'boring and unfunny', despite hosting last year

The Republican candidate took to Twitter to claim the televised sketch show was proof of the 'media rigging election' 

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Though general audiences seemed to think Saturday Night Live's take on the second presidential debate was hilarious work, Republican candidate Donald Trump doesn't seem to agree.

The show's episode saw a cold open which pitched the return of Alec Baldwin's hilarious take on Trump against Kate McKinnon's equally masterful Hillary Clinton impression; in a sketch that took on the accusations of sexual assault against Trump, his perceived stalking of Clinton across the stage, and a recap of the rise and fall of internet sensation Ken Bone

Trump took to Twitter to claim that the sketch was a "hit job" against him, that "Alec Baldwin portrayal [sic] stinks", and that the televised sketch show's accompaniment of Jaws-esque music to Trump's skulking around the stage was somehow proof that the media were rigging the election. 

He also claimed that it was "time to retire the boring and unfunny show"; a very quick change of heart concerning SNL, considering he hosted an episode back in November of last year before which he tweeted, "I am at the Saturday Night Live Studio - electricity all over the place."

Trump is yet to weigh in on some of this week's other pop culture satires of the Republican candidate; including's anti-Trump anthem "GRAB'M by the P*$$Y" and The Simpsons' skewering of his supposed cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The SNL sketch follows previous outings for Baldwin's Trump, taking on both the first presidential debate and in reaction to the leak of Trump's highly offensive comments about sexual assault.