Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellows details the Carson and Mrs. Hughes spin-off he'd like to see

Discussing the show with executive producer Gareth Neame, he also spoke about a possible film adaptation

Downton Abbey may have finished last year over here in the UK, but in the US the series is only just airing and the bosses behind the show are currently promoting the series.

In an interview with Variety, creator Julian Fellows and executive producer Gareth Neame revealed their ideas for future spin-offs, as well as speaking about the possibility of a film.

“I’m completely up for a movie,” Fellows said. “There are various considerations, which of the cast would be available. That would be a big thing. If we couldn’t get enough of them to do it, it wouldn’t really work. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m completely up for it.”

Neame added that the cast “would be up for doing it” yet said it would be “a whole new thing to put together. It’s a whole new beast. It’s a whole way off were it to happen.”

Speaking about the spin-odd series they’d like to see, Fellows said: “Carson and Mrs. Hughes running a B&B hotel” is one idea. “I think you could do Branson and Henry running the car business and building it up and having all the saga of cars in the ’20s.”

A series featuring Carson and Mrs. Hughes was also mentioned by Neame, except the two would have “their own property and he’s making her cook him dinner every night. I loved those scenes!”

He added he’d “come back in the 1960s and Master George would now be the Earl of Grantham. He’d have no staff, maybe two, and he’d be trying to run the estate. He might have turned it into a theme park type thing.”

Previously, Fellows said he would ‘certainly’ like to write a film adaptation of Downton Abbey.