Downton Abbey series 5: New pictures hint at Lady Mary's decision between Gillingham and Blake

Will Mary brush Gillingham aside after their saucy Liverpool shenanigans?

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There looks set to be yet more drama in Downton Abbey next Sunday, with multiple plotlines ready for a shake-up.

Lady Mary still hogs centre stage with her romantic dilemma – Lord Gillingham or Charles Blake? Finally, she comes to a decision regarding the former, with whom she embarked on a saucy Liverpool weekend in episode three.

She also meets someone from Gillingham's past, which might be a tad awkward, but we'll have to wait and see. Blake is still on the scene, so her options are open – could it be Liverpool round two?

New Downton Abbey pictures show Lady Mary in a quandary

"What I love about this story is that she's allowing herself to make these choices," actress Michelle Dockery said at the show's press launch. "[Mary] is very complex, very modern."


Elsewhere, the Dowager Countess' reveals her surprising past secrets to Isabel, after the appearance of Russian refugee Prince Kuragin sparked rumours of a one-time romance.

Thomas is back in Downton but suffering from an "inexplicable illness" which Baxter suspects is far from the full story, while schoolteacher Sarah Bunting is back stirring things up above stairs.

Rose's father Shrimpie returns after his last big role in the series three Christmas Special, bringing with him some news that will "shock the whole family".

Then there's art historian Simon Bricker, who has clearly got the hots for Cora after their 'art appreciation' weekend in London. After Robert offended his wife by seemingly disregarding her opinions, tensions will likely be running high for the Crawleys.

Episode four is scheduled to air slightly later on Sunday 12 October at 9.15pm on ITV, after The X Factor Results.