Downton Abbey series 5: New pictures hint Lady Mary is in a pickle, as Branson looks forward

Could Lady Mary come to regret her romantic decisions?

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Lady Mary has been enjoying the trappings of being a thoroughly modern woman, but newly released pictures suggest that her choices could come back to haunt her.

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After casting off the dashing but boring – “I’m not sure we have enough in common” - Lord Gillingham, Lady Mary is pictured looking sullen and lost in thought during episode five.

After their week-long romp in Liverpool, Tony was furious to hear that Mary didn’t want to marry him after all.

She assured him he was not a bad lover but her jilted paramour hinted that her reputation would be on the line if she refused him.


In the next episode, Lady Mary is back enjoying the company of the other man she turned down, Charles Blake. With all this jumping between suitors, could we be set to see a repeat of the scandalous fall-out that resulted from her encounter with a certain Turkish diplomat in series one?

Meanwhile, Thomas Branson is pictured retuning downstairs to speak with aspiring cook Daisy, suggesting that he could now be firmly on the path to rejuvenating his revolutionary sympathies. We’ll have to wait and see what happens between him and Sarah Bunting.

Sergeant Willis turns up again, along with Inspector Vyner, so it remains to be seen whether Anna and Bates will ever get the happy ending they surely deserve. Art historian Simon Bricker is still hanging around Lady Grantham too, increasing the potential for yet another illicit relationship at Downton.

Their flirting at the dinner table in episode four was cringe-worthy but it remains to be seen whether Cora will yield to temptation.

Episode five airs on ITV on Sunday 19 October at 9pm.