Downton Abbey series 5 preview: New Pictures suggest Lady Edith may return

Meanwhile, Isis the dog could be on the way out

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After last night’s jam-packed episode, which saw Lady Edith flee to London with her illegitimate daughter, newly released pictures suggest she could be back again as soon as next week. Laura Carmichael’s character is shown seated between Lord Merton and Atticus Aldridge at the Grantham family table in the forthcoming seventh episode.

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However, there is no sign of little Marigold. Viewers will have to wait and see how events have developed, but it looks as though Lady Edith’s troubles are not over just yet.

Meanwhile, there are some new faces in the form of Lord Merton’s sons, Larry and Tim Grey (played by Charlie Anson and Ed Cooper Clarke respectively). Larry was an admirer of the late Lady Sybil many years ago, so there may well be tension between him and Tom Branson.

The family dog, Isis, is looking rather worse for wear, so there may be some tearful farewells in store. There has been speculation that the golden Labrador is being given the boot because it shares a name with the terrorist movement sweeping the Middle East.


Of course, the pooch is actually named after the Egyptian goddess. In any case, having made her debut in an episode set in 1912, Isis is definitely old in dog terms – series five takes place in 1924. So even if the scriptwriters are responding to current affairs, Isis’ potential departure would more than fit with the realities of Downton.

On a lighter note, love appears to be in the air for Lady Rose and her Jewish beau Atticus Aldridge. Rose has made it clear she will only marry someone who sweeps her off her feet and it looks like she may have found him.

Episode seven airs on ITV on Sunday 2 November  at 9pm.