Downton Abbey series 5: Producers promise 'high drama, laughs and right angle moments'

The new series looks set to be more light-hearted than after Matthew's death

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Downton Abbey’s fifth season looks set to be a much jollier affair, producers have promised.

After the frankly miserable start to last year’s series, with Lady Mary battling intense grief after the sudden death of her husband Matthew, many viewers are hoping for a lighter new run.

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Liz Trubridge, executive producer, admitted that following the tragedy, the drama “couldn’t go in with great fun” but hinted at brighter things for series five.

“There’ll be great rivalry again between Mary and Edith,” she said during a press conference. “In all our series there’s a good mix of high drama and laughs, and there is certainly that mix this time.”


Anna’s rape shocked audiences last year, but it remains to be seen whether any plot twists can rival that episode this time around.

“We always try to have right-angle moments you don’t expect to happen,” said fellow executive producer, Gareth Neame. “It’s an effective form of storytelling.”

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Neames added that he does not see an imminent end to Downton Abbey, joking that he would like to see it run until Margaret Thatcher's landslide election victory in 1983.