Downton Abbey series 6: Prop left behind by crew member reveals major spoiler

A wedding order of service found in the Oxfordshire church where filming took place can only mean one thing

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One Downton Abbey crew member will be in the dog house today, after leaving behind a spoiler prop that was discovered by a member of the public. 

Producers have been trying hard to keep plot details for the ITV period drama’s final season tightly under wraps, but a wedding order of service was left in an Oxfordshire church where filming took place last summer.

Rather than return it to the team and keep the secret to themselves, the person who found the paper sent it to The Sun, so if you want to read the full details, you can find them there.

The copy revealed the names of the presumably happy couple, along with their vows, prayer and hymns.

“The cast and crew of Downton have gone to great lengths to hide the storylines for the sixth and final series,” the source said. “It seems a bit ridiculous that all those security measures could be put in place and then someone just leaves an order of service lying around for anyone to find.”

Jim Carter, who plays butler Mr Carson, previously teased that viewers should expected multiple nuptials, along with his own to housekeeper Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan).

“There are lots of wedding bells in series six but I can’t tell you who for because the whole point is to watch the programme isn’t it?” he said. “You wouldn’t want to watch a football match if you knew it was 2-0 to Arsenal at the end of it.”

ITV has been contacted with a request for comment on the reported spoiler.

Episode three of Downton Abbey airs this Sunday night at 9pm.