Downton Abbey series four episode three teaser

Potential suitor for Lady Mary arrives in the shape of Lord Gillingham

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Lady Mary’s childhood friend Lord Gillingham comes to stay in episode three of Downton Abbey, providing a potential suitor for the widow.

The teaser trailer shows the two strolling up the stairs of Downton Abbey, half of which Mary found out she legally owned after a will Matthew left  last episode.

Lord Gillingham, who is engaged to Mabel Lane Fox, wonders whether his choice of partner is more sensible than inspired, but he does not let on to Lady Mary.

“I have no children, no wife. I’ve come close a couple of times. In fact I’m close now,” he says.

When Lady Mary reminds him of Matthew’s death, he says: “Oh god, I’m sorry, of course I know, please forgive me”, to which she replies: “There is nothing to forgive”, and curtly tells him where he will be staying the night.

She says: “I go this way and you’re down there,” before peering coyly back at Lord Gillingham.