Drugs Live: Twitter responds to Jon Snow and Jennie Bond smoking cannabis

There were plenty of munchies jokes...

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#DrugsLive exploded across Twitter tonight, as viewers tuned in to watch how seemingly straight-laced newsreaders Jennie Bond and Jon Snow dealt with being high on cannabis.

Channel 4’s Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial, which follows 2012's The Ecstasy Trial, saw Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Christian Jessen and Channel 4 News' Jon Snow explore the differences between skunk and hash.

Dr Jessen usefully laid out the differences between the two types of cannabis in a tweet before the show started.

Topics including memory, music and the munchies were delved into in the 90-minute programme.

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Jon Snow describes moment he got stoned

Unsurprisingly, tweeters quickly seized the opportunity to make jokes about the munchies.

Many social media users commented on the long-awaited clip showing Jon Snow smoking skunk, after short clips of his reaction - including him hugging a researcher in fear - were released a few weeks ago. The newsreader called the substance "aggressive fifth".

Some poked fun at how odd it was to hear national treasure Snow say skunk repeatedly, and watch pillar of the establishment, former BBC Royal Correspondent Bond, get high.

Others made serious points about the debate surrounding drugs laws in the UK, which the programme explored.