Elephant kills BBC crew's guide

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A guide has been killed by a charging elephant while helping a film crew to make a BBC children's television programme.

Three children with the team are believed to have witnessed Anton Turner, 38, suffering fatal injuries. Despite immediate treatment by the team's doctor, Mr Turner, an experienced safari and wildlife ranger, died soon after being struck by the enraged elephant yesterday morning.

The film unit was recording an episode of CBBC's 11-part Serious Explorers series, in which a group of seven children were following in the footsteps of the Victorian adventurer David Livingstone in Tanzania.

It is unclear what caused the elephant to attack, but the animals are known to charge when they become nervous or when humans get too close. Mr Turner's relatives have been told of his death and were preparing to travel to East Africa last night.

The three children were unharmed and are expected to be flown back to Britain with the four others involved, who were in another part of Tanzania at the time of the tragedy. The BBC said it had launched an investigation into the death and cancelled production of Serious Explorers.

The corporation said: "Anton's relatives have been informed and the BBC is arranging for them to fly to Africa as soon as possible. Anton was an extremely experienced expedition safari and wildlife ranger and former Army officer who had worked with the BBC in the past. Three children were with the filming party at the time and are all safe. Their safety remains a priority, and all the children have been airlifted from the area."