Ever wondered what George R. R. Martin would look like as Daenarys Targaryen? Well here it is anyway


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George R. R. Martin had the audacity to visit Comic Con instead of finishing Winds of Winter this week (at least in the opinion of this jerk reporter), where he was spotted posing for a photo in a Daenarys  Targaryen face-in-hole.

GRRM didn't get behind the board after encouragement from chanting fans like you might expect but in fact elected to channel his inner Daenarys, getting his publicist to take a quick picture of him for his wife.

A fan managed to quickly take a photo for Reddit however, writing alongside the image:  "Ran into George R. R. Martin at comic-con… he really gets into his characters."

Martin proved a better sport in terms of interacting with Game of Thrones scenery than The Queen at any rate, who visited the Iron Throne during a trip to Ireland earlier this year but didn't actually sit on it.

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