First footage of Jeremy Clarkson and co's new Amazon Prime car series

The former Top Gear trio were having a great time in a 'Monster Mercedes'

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It'ds been almost a year since the Top Gear 'fracas' saw Jeremy Clarkson depart the BBC and jump ship to Amazon Prime for a completely new car series.

Since then, all eyes have been focused on the what'll become of the former - a reboot of which will be fronted by Chris Evans, Friends actor Matt LeBlanc and Sabine Schmitz amongst others - in favour of how exactly Clarkson's transition to Amazon will fare.

While the BBC have been continually batting off negative press, the show's original trio - Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - have been hard at work preparing for their new series which reportedly began shooting last October.  

Now we have the first leaked footage of them filming the as-of-yet untitled show (long-rumoured to be Knob Gears) - and, quite frankly, it looks like they're up to the same irreverent antics as before - just through a different medium. Feast your eyes on the below

The leaked footage was filmed in the quaint town of Cobham in Surrey last Thursday (3 March) by a passing fan who glimpsed the three having a great time in what can only be described as a 'Monster Mercedes.'

"Are you filming this car because it's excellent?' asks Clarkson, sarcastic as ever, referring to the vintage vehicle remodified with huge off-road wheels.

The new Amazon series is said to have a reported £4 million budget per episode. It is unknown when the show will debut but an Autumn airdate via streaming service Amazon Prime is expected to be announced soon.