Downton Abbey: Twitter responds to Isis the dog, the Grantham's 'radicalised' Labrador

Fans respond to scene that saw Richard E Grant flirt with the Grantham's unfortunately named household pet

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Those seeking escapism from modern-day woes in TV’s Downton Abbey were brought back to reality with a jolt when Lord Grantham angrily condemned the character played by Richard E Grant for “flirting with Isis”.

The Isis in question was one of the aristocrat’s two dogs, who is named after the Egyptian goddess of the same name.

However some viewers decided that a Labrador that shared the same name as one of the acronyms used by the extreme Islamist militant group, also known as Isil or IS, was #awkward.

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Among them was Isabella Farrell, who tweeted: “Downton Abbey's writers are probably regretting naming the dog ‘Isis.’”

And Scottish radio presenter Robin Galloway agreed, writing: “Downton Abbey dog is called … Isis. Radicalised Labrador.”

Most saw the funny side with ‏@MissSisiG tweeting: “The dog in Downton is called Isis, right? I'm not mishearing that? I know after the Egyptian goddess, but still. Hilarious.”

Jessica Myles-Mills wrote: “‘And can you tell your friend [Simon] Bricker to stop flirting with Isis!’ - took me a moment but I realised he was talking about his dog.”

And Pete Hackett quipped: “The US-led coalition accidentally destroy Downton Abbey after hearing Lord Grantham mention the word Isis.”

There were also some who called for the dog’s name to be changed.

The goddess Isis was one of the most important members of the Egyptian pantheon and was also worshipped across the Roman Empire from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by some pagans today.

The name Isis is used by a host of different organisations and places – either after the goddess, because of an acronym or simply fondness for what is a first name in some countries.

A drug company, a feminist group at an American University, a superhero, a type of coral, a computer operating system, a song by Bob Dylan, a prison in London and Oxford University’s reserve rowing crew are all called Isis.